University Politehnica of Bucharest – MicroDERLab Group

Active Projects

CARDEA is a group (many of us HR Professionals) with a proven track record in the delivery of initiatives to support research staff within our own universities and organisations. Under the framework provided by the HR Excellence in Research initiative we work to improve policy and practice, recruitment and working conditions, and the training and development of research staff. Through CARDEA we will now leverage our experience to introduce policy and career practice guidelines for Research Managers in the European Research Area.

The overall objective of CARDEA is to enable the Professionalisation of Research Management as a valued career choice within the European Research AreaThrough CARDEA we will propose clear and identified role competencies, progression pathways, standards for benchmarked and indexed salaries and access to appropriate skills development for Research Managers at all stages of their careers. 

Main objective of EMERGE is to define and validate a new measurement framework for emerging power systems and its validation  for selected measurands: frequency, rate of change of frequency, voltage and current phasors, active power in at least two scenarios defined by the phenomena dynamics (and reflected in the selected reporting rate if the measurements and associated steady state flagging concept).

Secondary objectives are SO1: Derivation of prosumers load curves (in the form of two quadrant, 2Q load models), using machine learning models; and, SO2: Embedding 2Q load models in an optimization framework for real time control in low inertia grids for scenarios including local and distributed storage (WP4, lead dr. Irina Ciornei).

The goal of I-GReta is to develop solutions for planning and operation of highly flexible energy systems benefitting from storage capacities. These will be capable of integrating high shares of renewables in regional and local energy networks through integrated demand flexibility and forecasting on building level as well as large-scale optimization-based control of electrical, heating and cooling consumption.

The consortium intends to build a real-world digitalized and decentralized energy system. I-GReta will connect 5 trial sites in 4 countries via a professional ICT platform benefitting from FIWARE components. Occupants, owners and system operators as key need owners will participate and assess the operation of the respective systems in a Virtual Smart Grid (VSG) based on the platform. A key use case will be the trading of storage capacities via the platform. Individual storage solutions will additionally provide high value and immense impact potential in the local perspective.

The main goal of the IoTRAIN project is to achieve the modernization and internationalization of higher education in Iran and Iraq, taking into account the huge changes introduced by Internet technologies in society and business, and to design, develop and enact teaching, peer-production and continuous improvement processes. IoTRAIN is particularly designed to target the growing demand of professional IIoT skills by enhancing the IIoT-related trainings in Iranian and Iraqis HE institutions (HEI). In this regard, IoTRAIN covers a careful analysis of existing and future technological gaps in IIoT and provides required trainings towards improving competitiveness of future Iranian and Iraqis engineers. IoTRAIN delivers an IIoT competence model consisting of the state-of-the-art skills in IIoT at the European and international standard levels. The provided model adopts up-to-date training materials of the European partners of the project and provides necessary high-level training with the aim of improving competitiveness of future Iranian and Iraqi. Furthermore, IoTRAIN delivers a Digital Engineering competence model consisting of the state-of-the-art skills in digitalization for engineers and experts following European and international standards.

The main goal of the project is to promote the innovation in education. Innovation in education is of high relevance in today’s society because it improves the life environment for billions of people. Development of more efficient higher education and energy, on the other hand, combines two pressing needs of humanity. The project aims at connecting Europe and Partner Countries in facing this challenge by creating, sharing, exploring and valorising knowledge, expertise and smart vision using high tech, human touch as well as global collaboration.