University Politehnica of Bucharest – MicroDERLab Group

Completed Projects

The program aimed to encourage high school seniors, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented categories (e.g. poor rural areas, girls, from fragmented families due to parents working abroad), to continue their education in engineering studies through focused trainings, mentorship and a technical skills competition and award event. The main objective was to identify, train and support a representative cohort of 50 high school students during the implementation of the program, with a majority of them coming from less represented categories.

Coordinated by RWTH Aachen University, Germany, the project aimed to unlock Smart Grid Technologies and Services by means of a standardized software platform that can support interoperability. Based on the results of the FINESCE EU Project, performed towards a cloud-based, service-oriented, open-source middleware platform, the Smart Energy Platform is capable of supporting business models of different Smart Energy actors. While this platform has been demonstrated in 7 field tests within FINESCE, main goal of FISMEP was to expand the experience by adding results obtained in new operational conditions and grid infrastructures from Romania and Sweden for demonstrating the feasibility of grid monitoring using an open-source platform, where measurement data from different sources can be intelligently aggregated in order to support future innovative services. UPB team leader is dr. Mihaela Albu.
Is a project which aims to build an intelligent ICT platform for smarter, inclusive and sustainable city needs, as energy components of ecosystem, to improve city services and quality of life by the means of high share of renewable energy sources (RES) and distributed energy resources (DER) integration and citizen involvement. The proposed solutions will take part in active power management of energy consumption, including prosumer active role in operation strategy and will contribute to social challenges tackling through a multidisciplinary approach, including multiple fields of application at city level. UPB team leader is dr. Ana Maria Dumitrescu.
Is a project which aims at boosting the uptake of storage technologies between the distribution grid level and the end-user level, by developing a novel, holistic methodology for modelling, planning, integrating, operating and evaluating distributed Energy Storage Systems. The Storage4Grid methodology encompasses storage at user premises and storage at substation level, Electrical Vehicles, innovative energy metering and energy routing technologies. A Decision Support Framework (DSF) tool suitable to analyse, monitor and plan (MV and LV) grid scenarios. The main goal of the tool is to evaluate and estimate the technical and business feasibility and sustainability of MV and LV scenarios where storage solutions and EV charging solutions are installed. UPB team leader: dr. Mihai Sănduleac.
Aims to develop new techniques and solutions for the frequency and voltage control procedures as ancillary services in power systems and to adapt the pan-European unified network codes in the context or 100% share of generation from renewable energy sources. Near real-time control of the electrical network will be enabled by innovative 5G based ICT. Use case scenarios are developed as the basis for analysis. Performance characteristics of the new control mechanisms will be investigated through integration of energy simulations and live 5G communications. UPB team leader: dr. Lucian Toma.
With the aim to develop, deploy and evaluate advanced tools and ICT services for energy DSOs cooperatives and medium-size retailers, enabling active consumers involvement –i.e. new demand response schemas – and flexibility of the market – i.e. new business models for aggregators and ESCOs. Through the dual-use of telecommunication networks, and validating the integration of renewable generation presence and demand response systems, NOBEL GRID will offer advanced services to all actors in the retail markets of the electricity system in order to ensure that all consumers will benefit from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and low carbon electricity supply. With a duration of 42 months and 21 partners from industry, academia and utilities, the project started in 2014. UPB team leader: dr. Mihaela Albu.
Project with the main purpose to the design and analysis of novel methods for management and control of multiple building scale DC microgrids operating on a specific territory (region) and willing to share the same objective (coordinated distributed management). The end-scope of this study is to increase both the use of renewable energy at the territory level as well as the resilience of the ad-hoc formed clusters of DC microgrids. This includes on one side predictive algorithms which use production and consumption forecasting for two energy streams (electricity and heat), and on the other side system real time control algorithms. Both modelling and control actions take into account possible power quality constraints due to increased number of electronic interfaces bridging generation, storage or load with the DC microgrid.

ActiveDGModel, 2012-2016

A Romanian (2012-2016) project aiming at performing accurate network analysis by taking into consideration: uncertainties associated with measurement systems, new quantities to be monitored in distribution networks and numerical models derived for all elements of active distribution networks. P.I. ; dr. Mihaela Albu.

TAMPERE, 2009-2011

Advanced measurement solutions and parameter estimation techniques for active distribution networks (TAMPERE) Grant CNCSIS IDEI 1402, competiţia 2008, perioada de desfăşurare: 2009-2011, P.I. dr. Mihaela Albu.

Sistem de analiza si calcul a semanlelor din retelele electrice poluate si comanda a filtrelor active pentru compensarea armonicilor, 2006-2008

Sistem de analiza si calcul a semanlelor din retelele electrice poluate si comanda a filtrelor active pentru compensarea armonicilor, Contract tip CEEX modulul III – CEEX 77/2006, perioada de desfăşurare: 2006-2008, UPB team leader: prof. Răzvan Măgureanu.

ENHIT, 2007-2010

Noi solutii de alimentare cu energie electrica a cladirilor publice si rezidentiale – PNCD II– Modulul Partneriate, nr. 21-065/14.09.2007, Perioada de desfăşurare: 2007-2010.

DCnet, 2006-2008

DC Distribution Networks For Industrial Applications – DCnet, National Research Program CNCSIS 194/2006, Perioada de desfăşurare: 2006-2008.

DCiDER, 2005-2008

Emerging DC distribution grids for optimal use of dispersed generation, Programul Cercetare de excelenţă, CEEX 105/2005, Perioada de desfăşurare: 2005-2008, UPB team leader: dr. Răzvan Măgureanu, Project coordinator: dr. Mihaela Albu.

SyncPower, 2014-2015

Synchronized measurement technology for a higher degree of monitoring and control in the power systems of Cyprus and Romania – SyncPower, Bilateral Research Programme Romania-Cyprus, Project Directors M. Albu, E.Kyriakides.

SMART REGIONS, 2010-2013

SmartRegions – Promoting best practices of innovative smart metering services to European regions. IEE Project 2010-2013, Project Coordinator Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd, Finland, UPB team leader: dr. Mihaela Albu.

IntelliCIS, 2009-2011

Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems, COST Action nr. IC0806.


Enabling the integration of wide area measurement systems in the electric power grids of Cyprus and Romania, Bilateral Research Programme Romania-Cyprus, Project Directors M. Albu, E.Kyriakides.

HYDROPOWER, 2009-2011

A South-East Europe (SEE) Transnational Cooperation Programme Project, Coordinator RSE S.p.A. – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, UPB team leader: dr. Răzvan Măgureanu.

VSYNC, 2009-2011

Virtual Synchronous Machines (VSG’s) For Frequency Stabilisation In Future Grids With a Significant Share Of Decentralized Generation, FP6 STREP Project 2007-2011, Project Coordinator ECN, UPB team leader: dr. Mihaela Albu.

CRISTAL, 2006-2008

Control of Renewable Integrated Systems Targeting Advanced Landmarks –CRISTAL –FP6 Project, 2006-2008, Coordinator: Ruskin Anglia University, Cambrige, UK; UPB Team leader: dr. Răzvan Măgureanu.